Prior to installation, prepare an opening under the window. An opening corresponding to the width of a window must be about 3-4cm longer (1-2cm to the left and to the right) than the length of the sill. For sill thicknesses of 2cm provide 3-4cm of space between the window and bricks (parapet) or base, and for sill thicknesses of 3cm provide 4-5cm of space respectively. We recommend you use a pencil to outline the middle of the sill and the middle of the window.

This is to make sure the sill is placed on the very middle.

On the wall below the window place lining (for lining use rigid polyurethane foam, rigid Styrofoam, etc.) thick enough to allow for 2cm of space. Peel off 2-3cm of foil from the back side of the sill and insert the rear edge under the window. The sill must be fitted firmly below the window (if required, additionally line with plastic lining, etc.).

Align the middle of the sill with the middle of the window (using the points designated in advance) and adjust the inclination. Fix the sill on the left and right side with a wedge or rigid lining. First fill openings of the rear side of the sill with polyurethane foam for gluing, then left and right side, then the middle area and on every 10-15cm. Wait approximately 30 minutes and check the inclination and, if required, seal the other openings with the polyurethane foam for gluing. If the inclination is not appropriate due to the foam, cut out the hardened foam, re-adjust the sill and apply the foam again.

When placing sills on the construction adhesive, clean the base and apply adhesive on every 5-10 cm. Insert the sill under the window and adjust the inclination. Internal sills are placed horizontally or with a minimum inclination, whereas external ones are placed with an inclination of 3-5mm.

AZUR 7 sills are very hard and should not break during installation despite large pressures.

If you don’t fill the gap between the sill and the window with silicone, you should leave the protective foil on the sill (3 months maximum).


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